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  • Our Mission

    Potomac Wildlife Inc. recommends that everyone spend an hour or two outdoors every week, in the woods, along our canal, at Great Falls or the Zoo.

    We support the aims of Lights Out DC and the No Child Left Inside Coalition.


    This site supports Potomac Wildlife, Inc., and the wildlife of Potomac, MD. We are partners with, home to web pages describing 2.6 million plants and animals.

Potomac Wildlife

The animals listed here can all be found somewhere in Potomac. As you look out the window, or go for a hike, you should see how many of them you can spot, and see if you can spot any not listed here.  We've included several names for each critter (eg., 'squirrel', 'gray squirrel', 'Eastern Gray squirrel') to help you more easily find the term you had in mind. Click on any link to learn more about that critter.

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